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About Us

B. Frank Creative is a social-first agency in a digitally driven world. When it comes to the strategy at B. Frank Creative, “boring” isn’t part of our vocabulary. With a smart and direct approach, we deliver the strategy you need to exceed your business goals – every time. Data and consumer insights are our basis for building a strategy that anticipates the needs of your audience and achieves your goals. As a digital marketing partner, we provide companies with social media strategy, storytelling, platform management and coaching services. Let’s Be Frank – we know what we’re doing when it comes to social media.

Our Mission

Our mission is to help companies – large and small – through the power of social media. We’re passionate about staying up with the latest social media trends to provide you with the best strategy to win for your business.

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Meet our founder, Claudeane Frank.


B. Frank Creative started as a dream and quickly became a reality in Summer 2021 when Founder Claudeane Frank realized working in corporate America wasn't going to cut it. Claudeane is a passionate and driven individual with a desire to make an impact. Her passion for social media developed during her first job out of college as a global social media manager for a Fortune 500 company and leader in B2B technology. With that experience under her belt, Claudeane knows what it means to be a one-person show meeting the same demands as a 10-person team. She's built communications strategies and programs for organizations of more than 15,000 employees as they navigate through transformations, mergers and acquisitions, and prides herself on delivering quality work that helps drive the success of your business.  



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